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How to install Bluestacks on pc with 1GB RAM

For installing bluestacks on pc with 1GB of RAM

1: you have to download full version of bluestacks link: full bluestacks

2:Download and install msi orca editor

3:In the context menu select file of bluestacks app player which you downloaded edit with orca

4:In launchcondition remove the line installd or physicalmemory>=1024

5:In instalExecutesequence remove the line Chackmsisignature

6:In property GLMODE change the parameter to false

7: Save Package
After installation,sure to put the amount of RAM allocated to bluestacks no more then there is free RAM or do not start 300mb is enough to run
HKEY_LOCAL\SOFTWARE\BLUESTACKS\Guests\Android memory option in Decimal system

How To Configuration Control Android Games with keyboard

to control the games with keyboard,go to C:\Program data\Bluestacks\UserData\InputMapper

Title can look in the folder / data / data / or learn the game in the subject, or to keep the game in TitaniumBackup - name the resulting archive without numbers - this is the name of the folder. For example, com.kiloo.subwaysurf, com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftD4HM etc.

Contents of the configuration file for each game individually. You can see an example of filling in the C: \ ProgramData \ BlueStacks \ UserData \ InputMapper, finding a similar configuration to the game and look at the file TEMPLATE.cfg.

Up (Up Arrow) = Swipe Up (Up)
Down (down arrow) = Swipe Down (down)
Left (Left Arrow) = Swipe Right (left)
Right (Right Arrow) = Swipe Left (right)
X (key X) = Tilt Absolute (0, -45) Return (inclination to the right)
Z (key Z) = Tilt Absolute (0,45) Return (lean to the left)
Space (the space bar) = Tap (90,10) (Touch screen - the upper right corner)
Figures indicate the position of the touch point as a% of the width and height of the application. Accordingly:
0.0 - upper left corner
100.0 - the upper right corner
100,100 - the lower right corner
50.50 - center of the screen
Example. If the game has a pull-down menu of the three points in the upper left corner, then assign to you any convenient keys:
T = Tap (5,5)
Y = Tap (5,15)
U = Tap (5,25) (targeted value empirically. Whenever you make changes to the configuration file, restart your game)

While as an example. Very much lag. Need further study
# The left side of the screen is responsible for movement, right for the review
# Review
Up = Swipe Up (75,50)
Down = Swipe Down (75,50)
Left = Swipe Left (75,50)
Right = Swipe Right (75,50)
# Movement
W = Swipe Up (25,50)
A = Swipe Left (25,50)
S = Swipe Down (25,50)
D = Swipe Right (25,50)

For example, install the game
open c: \ ProgramData \ BlueStacks \ UserData \ InputMapper \ se.illusionlabs.labyrinth.full.cfg (it is created immediately, but only control arrows). Add section [Keys]
# Table tilting 10 °
Q = Tilt Absolute (10, -10) Return
W = Tilt Absolute (10,0) Return
E = Tilt Absolute (10,10) Return

A = Tilt Absolute (0, -10) Return
S = Tilt Absolute (0,0) Return
D = Tilt Absolute (0,10) Return

Z = Tilt Absolute (-10, -10) Return
X = Tilt Absolute (-10,0) Return
C = Tilt Absolute (-10,10) Return
Start the game, check the reaction of the game by pressing a key QWEASDZXC

Zoom, zoom, multi - "Ctrl" + "-", "Ctrl" + "=", "Ctrl" + wheel mouse