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How To Configuration Control Android Games with keyboard

to control the games with keyboard,go to C:\Program data\Bluestacks\UserData\InputMapper

Title can look in the folder / data / data / or learn the game in the subject, or to keep the game in TitaniumBackup - name the resulting archive without numbers - this is the name of the folder. For example, com.kiloo.subwaysurf, com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftD4HM etc.

Contents of the configuration file for each game individually. You can see an example of filling in the C: \ ProgramData \ BlueStacks \ UserData \ InputMapper, finding a similar configuration to the game and look at the file TEMPLATE.cfg.

Up (Up Arrow) = Swipe Up (Up)
Down (down arrow) = Swipe Down (down)
Left (Left Arrow) = Swipe Right (left)
Right (Right Arrow) = Swipe Left (right)
X (key X) = Tilt Absolute (0, -45) Return (inclination to the right)
Z (key Z) = Tilt Absolute (0,45) Return (lean to the left)
Space (the space bar) = Tap (90,10) (Touch screen - the upper right corner)
Figures indicate the position of the touch point as a% of the width and height of the application. Accordingly:
0.0 - upper left corner
100.0 - the upper right corner
100,100 - the lower right corner
50.50 - center of the screen
Example. If the game has a pull-down menu of the three points in the upper left corner, then assign to you any convenient keys:
T = Tap (5,5)
Y = Tap (5,15)
U = Tap (5,25) (targeted value empirically. Whenever you make changes to the configuration file, restart your game)

While as an example. Very much lag. Need further study
# The left side of the screen is responsible for movement, right for the review
# Review
Up = Swipe Up (75,50)
Down = Swipe Down (75,50)
Left = Swipe Left (75,50)
Right = Swipe Right (75,50)
# Movement
W = Swipe Up (25,50)
A = Swipe Left (25,50)
S = Swipe Down (25,50)
D = Swipe Right (25,50)

For example, install the game
open c: \ ProgramData \ BlueStacks \ UserData \ InputMapper \ se.illusionlabs.labyrinth.full.cfg (it is created immediately, but only control arrows). Add section [Keys]
# Table tilting 10 °
Q = Tilt Absolute (10, -10) Return
W = Tilt Absolute (10,0) Return
E = Tilt Absolute (10,10) Return

A = Tilt Absolute (0, -10) Return
S = Tilt Absolute (0,0) Return
D = Tilt Absolute (0,10) Return

Z = Tilt Absolute (-10, -10) Return
X = Tilt Absolute (-10,0) Return
C = Tilt Absolute (-10,10) Return
Start the game, check the reaction of the game by pressing a key QWEASDZXC

Zoom, zoom, multi - "Ctrl" + "-", "Ctrl" + "=", "Ctrl" + wheel mouse 


  1. Hi thank you! I need to know how can I make Tilt more smooth...

    for example

    X (key X) = Tilt Absolute (0, -45)

    Make tilt go from 0 to -45 but slowly... there is a way to do that? some code?


  2. Hi.. I'm sorry to ask you, but can you tell me how to make a configuration for hungry shark evolution by FGOL (Futur Game Of London)? here's the link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fgol.HungrySharkEvolution&hl=en it's free, but I can't play it because of the controls are a bit dicey ..Thanks in Advance

    1. I have same problem with same game. Please advise.

  3. how can i just the mouse wheel?

    mouseup ?

    or what command must be used?

    for the game we play it would be a big easement if we could scroll

  4. Did you guys know how to make the mouse right button to work as the boost?

  5. above instruction are not working plz help

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    If can,tell me the rule.

  7. Thanks because if this I can play Combo Crew in bluestacks!